24 Hour Regional Forecasts For

Southern Region
Windy with isolated showers.  
Moderate to fresh SE winds.   
Max: 29℃  
Min: 24℃  

Momase Region
Scattered showers and thunderstorms.   
Light to Moderate SE winds.   
Max: 30℃  
Min: 24℃  

NGI Region
Isolated showers and thunderstorms, becoming scattered over southern coast of WNB and Manus.  
Light SE winds.   
Max: 31℃  
Min: 25℃  

Highlands Region
Scattered morning fog and isolated rain/drizzle.  
Light variable winds.  
Max: 22℃  
Min: 12℃  

Local Date/Time of issuance: 2020-07-07 07:40:20