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Daily Average Surface Temperature (C) Forecast
Winds Forecast at 850hPa Level - PNG Domain
Winds Forecast at 200hPa Level - PNG Domain
Winds Forecast at 850hPa Level - PNG-AUST Domain
Winds Forecast at 200hPa Level - PNG-AUST Domain
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Daily Forecast For Relative Humidity (%) at 850hPa Level - PNG Domain

Papua New Guinea National Weather Service (PNGNWS) is a government institution and is the sole mandatory body in Papua New Guinea responsible for providing meteorological and climate information to the Government and people of Papua New Guinea.
PNGNWS is a member of World Meteorological Organization (WMO), thus, our functions and services strictly follow WMO standards and requirements.

We aim to scientifically improve public safety and awareness in relation to weather and climate events (past, present and future) by ensuring that our weather/climate products are disseminated on 24/7 daily basis to the general public, aviation industry, marine industry, agriculture sector, responsible authorities and other specific entities.
Subsequently, we believe that our services may implicitly (or explicitly) contribute in impacting economic and social activities within Papua New Guinea and the region.
We have a nation-wide network of weather and climate observation stations operating as either manual or automatic. Our head office is locate in Port Moresby, 7 mile, Skidrow Street, near Jacksons International Airport.

Papua New Guinea National Weather Service
Jackson's International Airport
Skidrow Street
7 Mile
P.O BOX 1240
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea
Phone: +675 325 2788, Ex: 109
FAX: +675 325 7255 / +675 325 5201